Staff List September 2020 to August 2021

Community First Academy Trust                                Rivington Ave, Platt Bridge, WN2 5NG Tel: 01942 487999

Executive Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer | National Leader of Education |                          Executive  Headteacher  

Sue Darbyshire
Chief Operating Officer Craig Holden
Chief Finance Officer Carol Brockbank 
Director of Safeguarding, Inclusion and Behaviour | PP Lead Martin Haskayne
Director of SCITT Jen Machaj 
Director of Professional Learning   Carly Bozdo─čan 
Director of Curriculum  Laura Farrell
Director of Research  Charlotte Hindley
Director of Educational Needs  Nicola Wood


Platt Bridge Community School                               

Rivington Ave, Platt Bridge, WN2 5NG Tel: 01942 487999

Leadership Team
Chief Executive Officer | National Leader of Education |                      Executive  Headteacher   Sue Darbyshire
Deputy Headteacher | Safeguarding, Inclusion and Behaviour | PP Lead Martin Haskayne
Assistant Headteacher | Director of Curriculum  Laura Farrell
Assistant Headteacher | Director or Research | Teaching, Learning & Assessment | Charlotte Hindley
Assistant Headteacher | Director of Professional Learning   Carly Lomax
Assistant Headteacher | Special Educational Needs Coordinator Nicola Wood
Early Years Strategic Lead  Fay Holderness (MAT Leave)
Early Years Strategic Lead (temporary 12-months) Sophie Marsh
Teaching Staff
Lower Phase  
Nursery Teacher | Nursery Lead (temporary 12-months) Sophie Crompton
Reception A Teacher  Sophie Marsh 
Reception B Teacher Sophie Marsh | Ryan Worthington 
Year 1A Teacher  Melissa Hollingsworth - (NQT)
Year 1B Teacher  Stephanie King-Murphy 
Middle Phase   
Class Teacher | Mid-Phase Lead (temporary 12-months) Abigail Barnes
Year 2A Teacher  Marie Mousdale 
Year 2B Teacher Megan Sayer - (NQT)
Year 3A Teacher  Peter Lambert
Year 3B Teacher Julianne Hicks
Upper Phase  
Year 4A Teacher | Upper-Phase Lead (temporary 12-months) Janet Dean
Year 4B Teacher  Lucy Budd - (NQT)
Year 5A Teacher Georgina O'Leary 
Year 5B Teacher Charlotte Cotter
Year 6A Teacher Carla Newton 
Year 6B Teacher Michelle Cameron
Associate Teachers (Kingsbridge Educational Partnership)
Associate Teacher  Lauren Clee
Associate Teacher  Bethan Duncalf 
Associate Teacher  Andrea Askey 


Support Staff

Pastoral Lead - Lower Phase  Gemma Brides
Pastoral Lead - Middle Phase  Tracey Smith 
Pastoral Lead - Upper Phase Carole Anderton
Pastoral Lead - Upper Phase  Jane Sargent
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Upper Phase  Paula Willis
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Upper Phase  Sherry Higham
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Middle Phase Deb Lawless
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Lower Phase Karen Hines
Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Lower Phase Joanne Boardman 
Teaching Assistant  Christine Clegg
Teaching Assistant Margaret Maddison
Teaching Assistant Julie Holden
Teaching Assistant Dawn Taylor
Teaching Assistant Lindsay Taylor
Teaching Assistant Paula Wright
Teaching Assistant Maxine McCormick
Teaching Assistant Rebecca Jones
Teaching Assistant Kirsty Charles
Teaching Assistant Hazel Walton
Teaching Assistant  Kealey Sargent 
Teaching Assistant Tracey Deakin
Teaching Assistant Laura Dallimore
Teaching Assistant Michelle Alker
Teaching Assistant Helen Abel
Teaching Assistant Chloe Roberts - (MAT Leave) 
Teaching Assistant Emma Martin
Teaching Assistant Jade Taylor
Teaching Assistant  Stephanie Bullen  - (MAT Leave Cover) 
School Operational and Facilities Officer Lisa Butler
School Finance Officer Collette Warrington
Senior Administration Officer  Adele Simm
T.S.A Administrative Officer Alaina Shawcross - (MAT Leave)
S.C.I.T.T Administrative Officer Trish Sexton
Start Well Family Centre Receptionist Amanda Southway
Site Manager Peter Stott
Assistant Site Manager Alan Fishwick
Cleaner - CFAT Facilities Limited  Jill Calderbank
Cleaner - CFAT Facilities Limited  Barbara Sherrington
Cleaner  - CFAT Facilities Limited  Catherine Battersby
Cleaner  - CFAT Facilities Limited  Carol Ann Southern
Welfare Assistant Carol Ann Southern
Welfare Assistant Dawn Taylor
Welfare Assistant Catherine Battersby
Welfare Assistant Helen Derricott
Welfare Assistant Kealey Sargent 
Welfare Assistant Helen Abel
Welfare Assistant Lindsay Taylor
Welfare Assistant Michelle Alker
Start Well Family Centre
Start Well Manager Jo Robinson
Senior Start Well Worker Beth Hughes
Start Well Worker Nicola Lever
Start Well Worker Nicky Bamber
Start Well Worker Diane Conroy
Early Years Outreach Worker Louise Pennington
Early Years Outreach Worker Leanne Gaskell - (MAT Leave)
School Nursery | Pre-School
2-3's Room Leader Gemma Price
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Margaret Derricott
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Melissa Foster
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Tracey Shenton
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Stacey Heaton
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Emma Halliwell 
Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant Joanne McNeil



CFAT Superheroes Before & After School Club 
Breakfast Club Coordinator Stacey Heaton
Breakfast Club Coordinator Melissa Foster
Breakfast Club Coordinator Margaret Derricot
Breakfast Club Coordinator Kirsty Charles
After School Coordinator Tracey Shenton
After School Coordinator Emma Halliwell
After School Coordinator Rebecca Jones
After School Coordinator Margaret Derricott

First aid training register 

  • At least one person who has a full and current PFA certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present, and must accompany children on outings.
  • Any assistant who might be in sole charge of children for any period of time must hold a full and current PFA certificate.
  • All newly qualified staff who completed a level 2 and/or level 3 qualification on or after 30 June 2016 must have either a full PFA or emergency PFA certificate within three months of starting work in order to be included in the required staff:child ratios at level 2 or level 3 in an early years setting

First Aid



Certificate Expiry

Helen Abel

Exp 29.11.2021

Adele Simm

Exp 16.6.2020

Emma Martin

Exp 5.10.2021

Sue Wood

Exp 10.5.2022

Sherry Higham

Exp 10.5.2022

Beth Hughes

Exp 23.1.2021






Certificate Expiry

Melissa Carr

Exp 22.10.2022

Margaret Derricott

Exp 3.10.2020

Kealey Sargent

Exp 21.5.2022

Emma Halliwell

Exp 21.5.2022

Stacey Heaton

Exp 21.5.2022

Tracey Shenton

Exp 21.5.2020

Joanne McNeil

Exp 15.4.2020

Tracy Smith

Exp 13.11.2020

Joanne Boardman

Exp 13.11.2020

Kim Castille

Exp 31.1.2021

Gemma Price

Exp 31.1.2021

Melissa Whittle

Exp 26.5.2019

Nicky Bamber

Exp 6.7.20210


Level 2 - Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering

Schools are required, by law, to ensure that food handlers, such as teaching assistants running after-school cookery clubs, receive appropriate supervision and instruction in food hygiene in-line with their work activity.

Name Training 
Joanne Boardman 04th Dec 2019
Dawn Taylor  08th Dec 2019
Emma Martin  26th Nov 2019
Lindsey Taylor  04th Dec 2019
Dec Lawless 02nd Dec 2019
Helen Abel  05th Dec 2019
Fay Holderness  TBC
Paula Wright  TBC
Michelle Alker  25th Nov 2019
Maxine McCormick  20th Nov 2019
Kristy Charles  TBC
Margaret Derricott 21st Nov 2019
Margret Maddison  04th Dec 2019
Joanne McNeil 10th Dec 2019
Rebecca Jones  20th Nov 2019
Melissa Foster  20th Nov 2019
Stacey Heaton  20th Nov 2019
Tracey Shenton  05th Dec 2019
Gemma Price  19th Nov 2019
Karen Hines 27th Nov 2019
Carole Anderton  21st Nov 2019
Tracey Smith  04th Dec 2019
Sue Wood  28th Nov 2019
Jane Sargent  29th Nov 2019
Julie Hurst  20th Nov 2019