Accessibility Plan

This can relate very closely to the disability elements of the equality objectives, except that it covers pupils only whereas the equality objectives include all members of the academy community.

Objectives Actions
I. Improvements in access to the curriculum Review of equipment, resources, hardware and software.
Review of curriculum outcomes/course requirements.
Individual learn.
ii. Physical improvements to increase access
to education and associated services

Reviews of access to building general and specialist learning areas.

Establishing and developing relationships with medical, Speech and Language Therapists and other agencies.

iii. Improvements in the provision of
information in a range of formats for disabled
Review and assessment of individual needs on intake.
Use of specialist communication technology.
v.Access to wider curriculum Increase participation in after school activities.
Liaise with supported transport to facilitate after school clubs and boosters.
Encourage student and parental engagement with trips and visits (eg.Low
Bank Ground).


For more information, please see our Equality Scheme Policy.