Safeguarding and Inclusion


Platt Bridge Community School and Start Well Family Centre takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, working with other agencies to ensure adequate arrangements are in place to identify, assess and support children who suffer harm.

Designated Person Deputy Designated Person
Martin Haskayne Julie Hurst
Deputy Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


At Platt Bridge Community School our Pastoral Leads have a responsibility for a particular key stage.

Department Name
Early Years Gemma Pugh
KS1 Sue Wood
LKS2 Carole Anderton
UKS2 Jane Sargent


School Security

Visitors are welcomed to Platt Bridge Community School.  However, access to teaching and pupil activity areas is carefully controlled.  Entrance to the school is restricted.  The only entrance available to visitors is the main reception door where visitors will sign in and out.  All the remaining doors to the school are secure.  Children are encouraged to not open doors.

All visitors to the school are asked to provide evidence of a DBS disclosure form if working with children.



For all our Safeguarding and Inclusion Policies please click here.



Platt Bridge Community School is a fully inclusive school. The key principle that our school adopts is that each child is a unique individual and has the right to education which develops their full potential. They have the right to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and the right to access the whole curriculum. Every child has the right to expect to make progress.

The progress of pupils is monitored closely from their admission date by the class teacher, supported by Martin Haskayne the Deputy Head for inclusion / Senco. Parents are consulted where there is cause for concern at the earliest opportunity and a plan (known in school as an APDR – Assess, Plan, Do, Review) is designed for the pupil and to monitor their progress over time.

Where our level of concern increases, other agencies may become involved e.g. Targeted Education Support Service or Educational Psychology Service. This may sometimes be followed by formal assessment, the outcome of which may be an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

More able children are catered for in the differentiated planning of the class teacher and Gifted and Talented children are catered for through our own curriculum and through our work with other Partners.

Platt Bridge Community School is also a resourced school. This means that we have a number of additional places available to provide an opportunity for a short period of observation and assessment for other children in the borough to enable a thorough understanding to be gained of how the child learns best and how their full potential can be achieved at their own school.


Wigan Council - Local Offer

Wigan Local Offer provides information of services which could support children and young people with SEN. Please click here for more information.


The Autism Pathway and Service

The Autism Pathway and Service work with schools, teachers and parents to help support children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), for further information, please click here.


Or if you prefer to speak to someone please call Wigan SENDS team on 01942 486136.