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School Lunch Menu - September 2023 to August 2024

Platt Bridge Community School’s meals are provided by our in-house catering service.  Our school provides an environment that promotes healthy eating and drinking and enables pupils to make informed choices about the food and drink they eat.  Further information is available in our Whole School Food Policy Click Here

  • Ordering System - Our meal ordering system is through ParentPay, our online payment system for other school charges. Through ParentPay parents can view the daily menu choices, place meal orders and pay for their child’s school meal in one place.  If you don’t currently have a ParentPay account please contact the school office for login details.
  • Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – These pupils are provided with a free school meal each day under the government’s universal infant free school meal scheme. Parents will need to access ParentPay to order their child’s daily meals, but there will be no charge.
  • Pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 – For these pupils, parents can choose whether their child has a school meal or brings a healthy packed lunch. If your child is having a school meal this will be ordered and paid for on ParentPay.  If your child is eligible for a free meal due to your household benefit entitlement you will order meals in the same way but there will be no charge.  If you would like more information about free meal eligibility please contact the school office.
  • How to order and pay for meals – Meal orders need to be selected on ParentPay before 8.00am on the day the meal is being served. You will also need to pay for the meal within 2 hours of placing the order or it will be cancelled.  You can order meals in advance, but you will need to pay for them at the time of booking.  If you order a meal and your child is then not in school to take the meal, a credit will be applied to your ParentPay meal account.  Further instructions about meal bookings are provided HERE.
  • School Meal Prices – The cost of a school daily meal deal is £1.50 for nursery pupils and £2.15 for pupils in school. This includes a main meal, dessert and drink plus optional daily salad bar and bread roll each day. 
  • School Meal Menu – We review and change the lunch menu periodically and add special themed days throughout the year. The menu caters for a variety of diets and intolerances.  A copy of the current menu is available below, as well as on ParentPay.  
  • Allergies and Food Intolerances– We understand the dangers to individuals will allergies or food intolerances. Some of our menu items may contains nuts, seeds and other allergens.  We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies or food intolerances. Owing to the nature of our operation food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present therefore, we cannot fully guarantee that any food or drinks will be completely free from Allergens. Details of the allergens in our current menu are provided HERE. Please ensure that we are informed of any allergies or intolerances your child has. All Allergen information is available upon request in accordance with the Allergen regulation 2014.

Autumn Term MENU - added 13th DECEMBER 2023 for SPRING term 1

Registering for Free School Meals

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are ALL entitled to a free school meal through the Universal Infant Free School meal initiative. However, all parents entitled to benefits are encouraged to apply for free school meal funding as the school will benefit from Pupil Premium Funding which is in addition to the annual school’s budget. This funding helps school to fund various activities and provide additional educational support for pupils (see the Pupil Premium Statement on the school’s website).

If you are entitled to benefits, you must still register at the Life Centre or apply on-line by clicking here in order for the school to receive Pupil Premium Funding.

We are happy to support you with this process. Please refer to the separate leaflet about registering for Free School Meals.