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Extra-Curricular Programme OVERVIEW 

Page update: 28/03/2023

Summer Term 2023 (beginning 24th April 2023)

At Platt Bridge Community School, we believe that extra-curricular activities are fundamental in the development of children. They boost children’s confidence to interact and provide them with new skills and abilities for later life. Additionally, they offer children an opportunity to have fun and relax outside of the school day normally operating 15:30 to 16:30. 

Please see below the extra-curricular offer for our children:

Reception Classroom

Year 1 Classroom

Year 2 Classroom

Year 3 Classroom

Year 4 Classroom

Year 5 Classroom

Year 6  Classroom

Small Hall








Music Club (Y3) Hannah Smith




Karate (Y2, Y3) (12) Tony Parry

















Rhythm and Beats (EYFS) (20) Hannah Smith; Lauren Draper








5/6 Football Club (20) Mike Cotter


STEM Club (Y2, Y3) (20) Fay Holderness and Ryan Worthington


Craft Club (EYs) (12) Mel Hollingsworth


Y1 Homework Club Y1 (30) Megan Sayer

Board games (Y1/Y2) (20) Laura Ainscough

Strategic Reading (30) (Y2) Heather Henderson/Abigail Barnes

Strategic Reading (30) (Y2) Sarah Bolton/Abigail Barnes

Y3 Homework Club Y3 (30) Lauren Clee

Choir (Whole School) Janet Dean

Y4 Homework Club Y4 (30) Carla Thomas

Signing Club (Y3/4) (30) Rhiannan Metcalfe

Y5 Homework Club Y5 (30) Georgina O’Leary

Year 6 Boosters (60) Charlotte Cotter and Alyssa Waring Collins

Wrestling (Y4, Y5, Y6) (12) Tony Parry

Rounders Club Year 5/6 (30) Molly Whelan












¾ Football Club (20) Mike Cotter




Clubs running and recently re-formed groups. Letter to check that all pupils want to continue.

Music Club Y3 -

Karate – Join our experienced Karate instructor as he goes over the basics of this ancient, Japanese martial art. Learn the skills of the discipline and have fun while doing it.

Rhythm and Beats EYFS – This exciting opportunity is for children in Early Years to begin to develop a passion for music and rhythm. Children will have access to instruments, learn to play percussion and explore different sounds as well as practicing to perform in front of their friends.

Football Club – Channel your inner Marcus Rashford or Ella Toone and come along to learn skills, strategies, and fitness through football.

STEM Club – Build your knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through this exciting new club during which you’ll agree upon, design and make a special project which you can share with your peers.

Craft Club – Get crafty with Miss Hollingsworth as she explores this mindful way of relaxing and having fun. Make cards, ornaments and other interesting projects and learn some skills too!

Board Games – Love monopoly? Snakes and Ladders? Want to be a chess genius. Join Mrs Ainscough and learn to play some of the most famous board games for children.

Strategic Reading – Help your children prepare for their Y2 Reading SAT by practicing their strategic reading with their teachers.

Choir – Love singing? Join Mrs Dean as she leads our choir to represent the school in performances in Assembly and beyond.

Signing Club – Did you know that a number of children in our school use sign language to communicate? In this special club offered with the support of the Local Authority, work with your teachers and learn a new language – British Sign Language and chat with our friends who use this language to talk!

Wrestling – Join Mike as he teachers us the rules, control and fitness required to wrestle safely.

Rounders Club – Help school prepare for competitions and represent your school in Rounders with Miss Whelan. Can the pupil team beat the teachers in a friendly match?