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Extra-Curricular Programme OVERVIEW 

Page update: 15/12/2023

Spring Term 2024 (beginning 15th January 2024)

At Platt Bridge Community School, we believe that extra-curricular activities are fundamental in the development of children. They boost children’s confidence to interact and provide them with new skills and abilities for later life. Additionally, they offer children an opportunity to have fun and relax outside of the school day normally operating 15:30 to 16:30. 

Please see below the extra-curricular offer for our children:

Wrestling – Join Mike our Wrestling coach as he teachers us the rules, control and fitness required to wrestle safely.

Self Defence – Join our experienced instructor Mike as he teaches you how to keep yourself safe if in a dangerous situation. Learn the skills of the discipline of martial arts, keep fit and have fun while doing it.

Football Club – Channel your inner Marcus Rashford or Ella Toone and come along to learn skills, strategies, and fitness through football. Work with Mr Jarvis to help prepare for local football competitions and represent our school.

Rugby - Join Mr Hodgson at our exciting after school rugby club where you can learn the fundamentals of the game while having fun in a supportive environment. From perfecting their passes to scoring tries, this club is designed to build teamwork and a love for the sport. Get ready to tackle challenges and make lasting memories!

Netball Club – Netball is an inclusive sport where you will learn the skills needed to play competitively.

Gymnastics Club – Our gymnastics club offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities for all. You will learn how to do several skills from forward rolls to cartwheels and handstands and learn how to put all of these skills into a routine. You will explore a range of ways to travel and you will have the chance to perform balances with partners. Mrs Farrell can’t wait to see you unlock all of your hidden gymnastics skills!

Hockey Club – Hockey is a fun, skilful team player game where you can learn the skills and rules to compete in Hockey competitions. The club will start from the basic skills of hockey to taking part in exciting and engaging games of hockey against your fellow friends.

Multi-Sports –In this club you will develop different movement skills, such as reaction, balance, coordination and timing. Work with Mrs Wood and have lots of fun developing these skills!

Dance – Join our dance instructor from WigLe Dance company as you learn routines and prepare for the Wigan schools dance festival.

Musical Theatre – Make memories and build your confidence whilst learning how to sing, dance and act!

Cricket Club – Cricket is lots of fun and great exercise! We will use a bat and ball to develop simple cricket skills and combine the skills that we have learned to play competitive games.

Creative Club – Get crafty with Miss Barnes and Miss Dean as they explores this mindful way of relaxing and having fun in this creative club, linked to our fabulous learning pathways! 'Creativity is intelligence having fun'

Choir – Love singing? Join Mrs Dean as she leads our choir to represent the school in performances in Assembly and beyond.

Signing Club – Did you know that a number of children in our school use sign language to communicate? In this special club offered with the support of the Local Authority, children will learn a different form of communication; children will learn a range of skills and will be able to express themselves through British sign!

Music Club – Netball is an inclusive sport where you will learn the skills needed to play competitively.

Y3 and Y4 Languages - Bonjour! Bienvenue au club Français! Come and join Miss Hindley to learn more about French culture and language. At French club we will have lots of fun singing songs, playing games and engaging in conversation in the French language.

Y6 Languages – Although children learn French at Platt Bridge in Key Stage 2, we would love for our children to be able to learn basic Spanish as well. This will be useful if Spain is somewhere they go on holiday and it will also prepare and give them a head start for high school, as they may begin to learn Spanish there in Year 7. Hasta pronto!

“Page Turners” Book Club – Our KS2 Page turners club is a place for the children to engage in new books that they would not usually look at and unpicking what is going on between the words on the page! We will share our ideas, perspectives and engage in debates about the books we read.

"Book Worms" Book club – This KS1 book club will focus on a different book and an author each week. The sessions will consist of story time followed by an activity to engage the children's interest and install a "love of books". Over the term the children will work towards their Blue Peter Book Club badge.

Debate Club - Have you a strong opinion on homework? Have you ideas on how to improve the school day? Well, Debate club is for you! Debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their Oracy skills. It helps pupils to understand real world situations and how to make educated opinions and have an open mind. It is a fun, respectful competition by using their communication skills and critical thinking to express their thoughts and ideas confidently.

Mathletics – A chance to learn how to become a skilled Mathematician with fast recall of maths facts and to compete against other mathletes to become the ultimate Mathematician!

Media Club – Work with Mrs Holden to research and produce information on what’s going on in school and the wider world. Using a range of technology you will learn how to create newspapers, blogs, videos and podcasts.