Please see below our policies that are available to download:

Click Here to review our Covid-19 contingency policy and remote learning website if our local area sees a spike in coronavirus infection rates that is resulting in localised community spread, appropriate authorities will decide which measures to implement to help contain the spread – these measures could include the partial closure of schools in the area. This policy sets out how we will prepare for these circumstances and have contingency plans in place to ensure the continuity of education for pupils.

Statutory Policies

Policy / Documents Guidance  Policy  Policy Renewal Date  Location / Notes
Accessibility plan Equality Scheme Policy September 2022 Please click here
Admission arrangements N/A N/A Please click here
Behaviour in schools Behaviour Policy September 2021
Behaviour principles written statement Behaviour Policy September 2021
Capability of staff Safer Recruitment Policy June 2021
Careers guidance N/A N/A
Catch-up Premium Funding Strategic Plan Catch-up Premium Funding Strategic Plan 2022-21 Please click here
Charging and remissions Charging and Remissions Policy July 2020
Child Protection Policy / Procedures

Safeguarding and Child Protection  Policy


September 2020

April 2020 - Child Protection addendum created during Covid-19 measures


Children with health needs who cannot attend school  Supporting Pupils with Medical  Conditions Policy September 2021
Data protection Data Protection Policy  - Under Review
Designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked-after children Safeguarding and Child Protection  Policy September 2020
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Early Years Policy January 2021
Equality information and objectives statement for publication Equality Scheme Policy September 2022
First Aid in Schools First Aid Policy January 2021
Governors allowances N/A N/A
Health and Safety Health, Safety and Welfare Policy.  Health, Safety and Welfare - Appendix 1 September 2020
Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) NQT Induction Policy October 2020
Premises management documents  N/A N/A
Protection of biometric information of children in schools and colleges N/A N/A
Register of business interests of headteachers and governors N/A N/A Please click here

Relationships and Health Education Policy

Relationships and Health Education Policy - PBCS 2020

Annual  Please click here 
Register of pupils admission to school and attendance 

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy - Covid 19 Addendum

September 2020 Arbour - Updated Daily
School complaints Complaints Procedure  July 2020
School exclusion Exclusion Policy January 2021
School information published on a website N/A N/A Please click here
Sex and relationships education Sex and Relationship Education Policy November 2020
Single central record of recruitment and vetting checks N/A N/A Live Document
Special educational needs and disability  SEN Policy and Information Report September 2020
Staff discipline, conduct and grievance Code of Conduct for Employees September 2020
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy September 2020
Supporting pupils with medical conditions Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy September 2021
Teachers Pay Pay Policy September 2020


 Good Practice

 Policy / Documents Guidance  Policy  Policy Renewal Date  Location / Notes
 Privacy Notice for pupils and their families https://www.cfat.org.uk/policies/gdpr   Under Review
 Privacy Notice for Trustees and Governors https://www.cfat.org.uk/policies/gdpr   Under Review
 Privacy Notice for School Workforce https://www.cfat.org.uk/policies/gdpr   Under Review


 Policy  Renewal Date
Anti Bullying Policy - September 2018 September 2020
Assessment Policy November 2021
Better Reading Partnership
Collective Worship Policy - November 2018 November 2020
Customer Care Policy - October 2018 October 2020
Debt Management Policy - September 2018 September 2020
Display Policy - December 2018 December 2020
Educational Visits Policy - October 2019 October 2021
English as an Additional Language Policy - September 2018 September 2020
Equal Opportunities Policy - September 2018 September 2020
E Safety Policy - September 2018 September 2020
Freedom of Information - August 2019 (currently under review)
Gifted and Talented Policy - September 2018 September 2020
Green Procurement Policy - May 2019 May 2021
Guidance for Parents Recruiting Home Tutors - December 2015
Guidance for working with adults and children/young people to the messages of violent extremism -September 2018
Inclusion Policy - September 2019 September 2021
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Parent Partnership Policy - September 2019 September 2021
Teaching and Learning Policy - September 2019 September 2021
The Prevent Strategy Summary for Parents - July 2015
Whistle Blowing Policy - September 2019


Safeguarding and Child Protection Team Contact Information 2019-20