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Local Academy Board (LAB)

Each school across Community First Academy Trust has its own Local Governing Body referred to as a Local Academy Board (LAB) .

This body of governors reports to the Trustees of Community First Academy Trust.

At Platt Bridge Community School our Local Academy Board is chaired by Mr Michael Farrell. 

The role of Local Academy Board members within a multi-academy trust is a valuable one in providing local governance as well as offering assistance to the trustees in the fulfilment of their duties.

The Local Academy Board discharges their responsibilities and duties as outlined within the Scheme of Delegation. to view the Trusts Scheme of Delegation please visit 

The Scheme of Delegation identifies the key decision-making authorities for all schools, academies and the SCITT within the Trust. It also determines the functions undertaken by the Board of Trustees and those which have been delegated by the Board of Trustee to either the Trust Central Team, a Local Academy Board, the SCITT Headteacher Board or one of the Trusts Headteachers/Heads of Schools.

The Trust Scheme of Delegation applies to all school/academies within the Trust and its SCITT.

Local Academy Board of Platt Bridge Community School

 Name Appointing Body  Type of Representative  Date of Appointment Term of Office 


Date of Resignation ( if within the last 12 months)

Mrs Sue Darbyshire Community First Academy Trust  Chief Executive Officer   by virtue of role ex-officio  

Mr Michael Farrell


Elected by Parents Parent Representative /  Chair  1st May 2017  (re appointed May 2021 for a further 4 year term) 4 Years   
Mr Dave Baxter Community First Academy Trust Community Representative  1st October 2016 (re appointed 13th July 2020 for a further 4 year term) 4 Years   
Miss Charlotte Hindley  Elected by staff (Teacher representative)  Teacher Governor   1st September 2017 (re appointed July 2021 for a further 4 year term) 4 Years 
Mrs Sherry Higham  Elected by staff (Support Staff representative)  Support Staff Governor   1st September 2017  (re appointed July 2021 for a further 4 year term) 4 Years 
Alison Eaton Community First Academy Trust  Community Representative  1st January 2018  (re appointed July 2021 for a further 4 year term) 4 Years   
Rob Dubelbeis Elected by Parents  Parent Representative  1st September 2019 4 Years    

Specific Responsibilities - Trustees

Name  Responsibility
Mrs Lynne Hamnett SEND and Vulnerable Groups
Mr Jack Pugh Safeguarding and Staffing
Cllr Carl Sweeney Pupil Premium and CLA
Mrs Jane Chambers Pupil Progress and Outcomes (including Curriculum)

Mr Mark Rowland

Health & Safety and Estates

Specific Responsibilities - Local Academy Board 

 Name  Responsibility
Sherry Higham / Michael Farrell  Safeguarding / Child Protection / SEN Governor
Rob Dubelbeis Vulnerable Groups Governor (including Pupil Premium and LAC) / Parent Governor 
Michael Farrell Chair of Local Academy Board / Finance Governor / Parent Governor 
David Baxter Vice Chair of Local Academy Board / Teaching, Learning & Outcomes
Sherry Higham / Michael Farrell  Personal Development and Behaviour Governor
Alison Eaton  Health & Safety Governor
Alison Eaton / Charlotte Hindley Phonics and Transition of Phonics to Reading 

Record of Attendance - Academic Year 2021-22

All Platt Bridge Community Schools Local Academy Board meetings take place at the schools address which is Rivington Ave, Platt Bridge, Wigan, WN2 5NG and generally start at 17:30 hrs unless stated otherwise. 

Minutes of meetings are available once approved for inspection on request from the Trusts registered office.

P – present

A – apology received and accepted

N – apology received but not accepted

D – did not attend, no apology received

n/a - not required to be in attendance 


Autumn Term 

Wednesday 10th November 2021

Spring Term 

Wednesday 9th March 2022

Summer Term Meeting / Annual Conference 

TBC July 2022

Attendance - out of a possible 3 meeting
Mr Michael Farrell (Chair)  x out of 3
Mr D Baxter (Vice Chair) x out of 3
Ms A Eaton  x out of 3
Mrs S Higham x out of 3
Miss C Hindley    x out of 3
Mr R Dubelbeis x out of 3
Mrs S Darbyshire  x out of 3

in attendance

Mr M Haskayne  x out of 3

Executive Team 

Craig Holden 

Carol Brockbank 











x out of 3

x out of 3

Academic Years LAB Record of Attendance

Click here to review: Record of Attendance - Academic Year 2020-21

Click here to review: Record of Attendance - Academic Year 2019-20

Click here to review: Record of Attendance - Academic Year 2018-19

Click here to review: Record of Attendance - Academic Year 2017-18

Register of Business Interest - as of 2020-21 (updated at the 20 July 2021 meeting)

Name of Local Academy Board Member Job title if member of staff Details of Business Interests Declared Details of any Business interests of immediate members of family Date of Declaration 
Mr Michael Farrell  n/a none none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Mr David Baxter  n/a

Abram Ward Community Co-operative 

Embrace Wigan & Leigh 

Wigan Council Community Partnership Team 

Keys Federation Multi-Academy Trust Trustee 

none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Mr Martin Haskayne Deputy Headteacher none none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Ms A Eaton  n/a none none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Mrs S Higham   HLTA none none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Miss C Hindley  Assistant Headteacher none none November 2019 | updated July 2021
Mr R Dubelbeis n/a Parent Governor  none August 2019 | updated July 2021


To review the trusts Members and Trustees register of business interest please click here


All Trustees and Local Academy Boards are invited for ongoing training. Recent training has included the following: 

Name Training Date
Gill Rowlands Safeguarding Children in Education V1.1 24th February 2017
Carole Anderton Safeguarding - Rainford High School 1st December 2016
Safer Recruitment Training 1st March 2017
Safeguarding Children in Education V1.1 14th March 2017
Makala Swales Ofsted - Rainford High School 15th October 2016
E-Safety - Guidance for Practitioners Working with Children 10th March 2017
Safer Recruitment Training 10th March 2017
Dave Baxter Aspirational Careers and Enterprise in Schools 29th March 2017
Safeguarding Everyone – Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at Risk V4 9th May 2017
Michael Farrell New to Governance Part 1 8th March 2018
Wigan Governors Conference 2018 10th March 2018
Effective Budget Monitoring 15th May 2018
New to Governance Part 3  25th June 2018
Alison Eaton Safeguarding Children in Education V3 29th October 2018
Mr R Dubelbeis Safer Recruitment Induction  July / August 2019

To view Trustee training please visit  

Request for Copies
If you would like a copy of any of the meeting minutes please contact our Clerk in the first instance by emailing Please review our model publication policy and our schools' guide to information by visiting: 

To contact any member of your Local Academy Board or member of the Trusts Governing Board, please contact the school on the main school number Tel: 01942 487973 in the first instance or by  emailing 

Parent/Staff Local Academy Board / Governor Recruitment 

Community First Academy Trust is always keen to hear from anyone who may have an interest in becoming a governor for any of its schools.  If you think governance may be for you,  please contact the Clerk in the first instance to find out more.  The clerk can be reached via email on, or on the telephone 01942 487999.   Staff Governors are elected from within the staff body of the school when there is a vacancy.