Our School

Platt Bridge Community School was the first full services extended school in Wigan and is the lead within Community First Academy Trust (CFAT).

The school is also the lead partner of Westbridge Teaching School, a partnership between Platt Bridge Community School and Westfield Community School.

As well as Platt Bridge Community School our building is home to:

  • Platt Bridge Start Well Family Centre
  • Platt Bridge Community Library
  • Kingsbridge Teacher Training
  • Westbridge Teaching School Alliance 

The site is also home to:

  • Platt Bridge Health Centre
  • Platt Bridge Life Centre

We are proud of our achievements, our happy and caring atmosphere and the rich extended services available to all our pupils and their families.

At Platt Bridge Community School we expect the highest standards from our pupils in all aspects of school life. We nurture positive attitudes to learning and behaviour. Our staff provide a caring, safe and supportive learning environment for our pupils.

We actively encourage strong links with our pupils, their families, our Directors, Local Academy Board and the community.

The staff at Platt Bridge Community School is committed to ensuring that every child entrusted to our care achieves their full potential in a happy and caring environment.

Mission Statement

Platt Bridge Community School provides innovative opportunities at the heart of the community. Working together we will make a difference; raising aspirations and improving life chances, within a welcoming environment.


In response to Every Child Matters, Platt Bridge Community School is committed to helping each individual achieve the outcomes children and young people believe are key to well being in childhood and later life.

  1. We aim to welcome, respect and value each other, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to achieve. We will face challenges and break down barriers together.
  2. We will provide a nurturing, safe and accessible environment in innovative facilities for children, families and the community.
  3. We aim to raise the aspirations of the whole community by encouraging and enabling lifelong learning opportunities.
  4. We aim to provide positive achievable outcomes for all by providing cohesive partnership working which includes shared information, knowledge and skills.