Year 1B

Class of 2019 - 20


March 2020

March in Year 1B saw lots of exciting things taking place!

First we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters and spending the day focusing on our love of reading. We wrote book reviews, created bookmarks, discussed all the different books we liked and the characters that had inspired our costumes! It was a fantastic day!

Then it was Science Week! We had a mind-blowing Monday morning when we watched an assembly with two scientists showing us lots of wonderful experiments. We heard lots of bangs, saw steam being created and even watched a rocket take off! After this we enjoyed a Science afternoon moving to different classes to do our own experiments. We used balloons to create static and played music using water – we’re all Super Scientists now!

Finally, we raised lots of money for Sports Relief by working hard and raising our pulses during an exercise circuit. We tried our best and didn’t let our tiredness beat us as we ran, jumped, danced and hopped our way around the hall. We had lots of fun raising money for charity!  

February 2020

February has been busy, busy, busy in 1B!

We had a visit from a very special author, Phil Walker and we listened carefully as he read us a VERY funny story called The Snots. We’ve also had a visit from three nurses who taught us how to wash our hands properly and make sure we’re not spreading any germs.

In English, we read the story of The Billy Goats Gruff but then received a letter from The Troll as he wanted to give us his side of the story. We’ve had lots of fun writing from his point of view this week! In Maths, we’ve learned all about 2D and 3D shapes and have been spotting these around school. In PE, we’ve started practising ball skills and have been very competitive during the team games. Our Science lessons have let us explore the properties of plastic and water, and we’re very excited for Science Week at the start of March.


January 2020

January has been jam packed for 1B! We welcomed the New Year in with plenty of fun and enjoyable lessons.

We started a brand new topic: Rail, Road and Rocket and have learned lots of exciting new things in History and Geography. We have created a timeline of transport from past to present and we explored our community on a local walk, creating a tally chart of all the transport we spotted.

In Computing, we have recreated the story of Jack and the Flum Flum Tree using animation on the laptops. In Science, we have been learning all about everyday materials. After exploring different types of materials, we looked at the properties and uses of each material.

We have been working hard in Maths to learn our 2s, 5s and 10s and are going to be learning all about different shapes this week. PE has been lots of fun recently as we have been practising our jump shapes and are moving on to jumping off benches.

We can’t wait to see what February brings!


December 2019

Year 1B had a fantastic end to November with a trip to the Liverpool World Museum where we explored under the sea, heard from an astronaut in space and even found mummies from Ancient Egypt. And December has been just as exciting!

In English, there has been lots of mischief in the classroom after we discovered an elf one morning and created a potion to give him his magic back. In science, we have been using our 5 senses to investigate the world around us and taste some delicious, and not so delicious, foods. December has also been a busy month in music after we performed in a Charanga assembly for the rest of the school and then, after lots of hard work, performed our carol concert for our families and friends.

The classroom has been very lively this week as we prepared for Christmas. We’ve made Father Christmas sliders in D&T, Christmas cards in art and we’re working hard on our calendars to make sure they’re finished ready for the New Year. 

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a very happy start to 2020!


November 2019

Year 1 have been very busy in November and have loved learning lots of new things. We found a monster running around school, beware in Platt Bridge as we still haven't found him! We learned to be a Wild Thing as Max the King came and taught us all about their way of life. We learned all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and even designed our very own menu for each of these. We have become authors and wrote our own stories - we are soon to be on the best selling list! We began to feel very festive and have been practicing our Christmas songs non-stop ready to perform for you and most recently of all, Father Christmas delivered a mischievous elf to our class. Unfortunately he is broken, lets hope we can fix him in time for Christmas.


October 2019

After a very busy September, Year 1 have continued with their hard work over the last few weeks. In English, we helped a very determined little snail to help save his friend, the whale, after he became stranded on a beach. We wrote instructions on how to rescue him as well as retelling the story with new characters after all our books went missing in class! Yesterday we met a Wild Thing from our book this week and they left a huge mess in our classroom! They even paid us a little visit, peeking in as we were reading a story.

In maths, we have been learning all about length and height, figuring out how to measure different things with tape measures, cubes, rulers and even FOOTPRINTS! We measured the playground, each other’s arm span and created play dough snakes to measure with counters. This week we are focusing on our number bonds and how we can split 5 and 10 into different parts.

Our afternoons have been very interesting! We have been using instructions to tell each other how to make a cup of tea, linked to using algorithms in computing. In history, we have written our very own autobiographies to go on the book shelf and in geography, we have been using atlases to search for where different animals live and what the climate is like there.

We’re very excited about our Race for Life, which is this Friday (01.11.19), and can’t wait to see what fun things November will bring!


September 2019

Year 1B have had a very busy few weeks back, settling in to our new class!

We have been exploring our jungle themed classroom, learning all about animals and humans in Science – we have even had some pets come in to visit! The four ducks made us laugh and Ralph the dog enjoyed sniffing round our classroom.

In Maths we have been practising lots of counting and adding one more and one less.

In English we have created posters to help find a lost lion, described lots of different animals and even went on a hunt for a giraffe who can’t dance.

We’re looking forward to the rest of our time in Year 1 to see what other exciting things are coming up!


Class of 2018 - 19
July 2019
Following on from the conservation work undertaken with Chester Zoo, we were lucky enough to visit the zoo ourselves! We saw songbirds that we had been looking at with the visitors in June that are on the verge of extinction. We were so excited at seeing meerkats, rhino's, elephants, giraffes and many other animals. Everyone had a wonderful day and now how they can help save animals from extinction.
June 2019 
During June, we were lucky enough to work with Chester Zoo on their 'Sing for Songbirds' project. Visitors from the zoo taught us how songbirds are at the point of extinction as they are being taken from their natural habitats and sold in markets. We explored ways to help the songbirds in Indonesia as well as those in the U.K. We looked at different methods of conservation and even went bird spotting.

May 2019
This May we have been consumed with holidays. This was started when we visited Blackpool. We had great fun visiting Blackpool Tower and were very brave when we went to the top of the tower and even stood on a glass floor. We were thrilled with the 4D cinema experience and even got to watch dancers at the famous 'Tower Ballroom'. We visited the rock shop and learned how rock was made and also got to build sandcastles on the beach. This really helped us to identify human and physical features as part of or Geography topic work.
April 2019
As part of Eco Week, Year 1 children have been looking at becoming more economically friendly. We researched ways to  become more economically friendly. This included looking at ways to recycled rubbish, planting plants in our allotment, working without any electricity looking at the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
March 2019
For World Book Day we all got dressed up as our favourite 'Fairytale & Folktale' characters. We were lucky enough to have a storyteller and poet come and teach us some poetry and had the opportunity to show off the characters from our favourite book.


February 2019

The wedding of the century was held in Platt Bridge this February when two children got 'married'. Following exploring the Queen and recent weddings of Prince William to Princess Catherine and Prince Harry to Princess Meghan, we decided to host our own traditional wedding. Children came together to create a wedding venue, cards, gifts and decorations to help with the wedding. The Bride and Groom looked stunning in their wedding attire, as did the Maid of Honour, Best Man, Page Boys and Page Girls. Indeed the whole wedding ensemble looked amazing in their formal wear. After the ceremony, we held the first dance before jumping in to party mode to celebrate a great day.




January 2019

As part of our writing, children have been exploring different Fairy tales. We learnt and wrote about a section of the Cinderella story and had a cheeky visitor when Tom Thumb swung by. We have also been looking at the Queen and her family and have compared this to our own family tree. We discovered more about party foods and tasted lots of different types so that we could create our own 'party food' sandwich. Our science lessons have focused on sorting and comparing different materials and describing.


December 2018

Year 1 have worked so hard with contributing to this years Nativity "It's Chr-i-i-i-stmas". The children have learnt seven different songs and have sang wonderfully to rest of school and their parents. We have been busy crafting lots of different items to help us celebrate Christmas. This is an exciting time of year and the children have still managed to work their hardest and keep on impressing. Merry Christmas to all from Year 1.



September 2018

We would like to welcome you all back after the summer break and we hope that you have all enjoyed your summer holidays! 

Over the summer our classrooms have been transformed. They are now fully immersed Jungle classrooms! This ties in with our topic this term which is...Who is the king of the Jungle? We will be learning lots of amazing facts about animals that live in the jungle and writing about our favourite animals. Children are beginning to become familiar with the year one routine and timetable. We have even created a class charter where the children have decided on their own classroom rules. The children in year 1B are looking forward to the many exciting topics we will be learning about throughout the year. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you through the class blog! Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates.

Thank you 

Mrs Swales, Miss Sargent & Ms Clegg



Class of 2017 - 18


May 2018

Year 1 were lucky enough to visit Blackpool. We had an amazing time inside the 4D cinema before venturing up to the glass floor near the top of the tower. Despite being a little scared, we all took the walk of faith and stood on the glass floor. The views were awesome and we saw lots of human and physical features to help out Geography work. Afterwards we hot-footed over to the Tower Ballroom and watched dancers spin around on the stage made famous on Strictly Come Dancing. We visited a rock shop and learned how rock is made and even found time to build sandcastles on the beach with our new buckets and spades. We had a great time and learned so much.


March/April 2018


We have had an excellent end to Spring term and a fantastic start to the Summer term in Year One. 


Before the Easter holidays we had some exciting events:
Cinderella and Rapunzel came to visit our school. They taught us how to dance and we even played some party games. 

Our school had a fun day for 'Around the World' and we learnt all about Italy. We had an amazing morning making our own pizza and researching Italy and then in the afternoon we visited lots of other countries including Egypt, Kenya, China and Mexico. 


Then to celebrate Easter, we had our Easter Craft Enrichment session for parents and children to work together. 


After the holidays we came back to our brand new classroom and we have spent the first few weeks learning all about it. It is called 'Would you like to be beside the seaside'. This term we will be learning about holidays and travel, looking at differences between past and present for our history unit, as well as studying Blackpool after we have visited. 


We have got a very exciting term ahead of us!



February 2018

February has been an exciting month in Year One! 

Thank you very much for attending our Valentines enrichment evening. The children had an excellent time creating their lovely crafts and delicious marshmallows. 

To celebrate the end of term we had a Royal Ball to link to our Prince and Princesses topic. The children all looked beautiful in their party clothes. 

I am very proud of how hard the children have worked this half term and thank you for your continued support. 



January 2018

Year 1 went back 1,000 years in history when we adventured to Skipton Castle. Here, we learnt about the origins of this historic castle and the people who lived there. We ventured through walls that were 4 metres thick; exploring kitchens, bedrooms and the dreaded dungeon. Our historical knowledge improved when we became time travelers and learnt how the use of the castle changed through time. Children had a fantastic time exploring this well preserved piece of history.


December 2017

Key Stage 1 have delivered outstanding performances of the Nativity "Behind the Stable Door". The children were amazing choristers, singing beautifully to songs such as "Grumpy Camels"  and "Gifts of Love". All the teacher and staff are so proud of their achievements.

All the staff and children in Key Stage 1 would like to wish you a "Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018".


November 2017

Children in Year 1 recently had a surprise guest visit - Mr T! As part of our science work, we are looking at different types of animals including reptiles. Mr T made his debut and helped the children get a real life experience of reptiles. Children were able to point out his key features and were even lucky enough to hold and tickle Mr T. The information children were able to retell was fantastic and they had really learnt a lot from their experience.


October 2017

This October, disaster struck! A whale became beached on our school playground. Luckily children knew what to do as they had read the story 'The Snail and the Whale' which showed them what to do in such a crisis. Children worked together to pass buckets of water along the line they had created and took it in turns to help dig him out. After some hard work, we finally managed to free the whale.

September 2017

Year 1B went on a bear hunt following in the footsteps of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' co-authored by  Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. We found ourselves swishing through long wavy grass, squelching through thick oozy mud before almost getting blown away in a swirling, whirling snowstorm. Luckily we made it to the narrow, gloomy cave. But then - disaster struck! We were chased by a bear! Our hearts were pounding as we raced back to class. Luckily we all returned safely and we managed to write about our scary experience.


Class of 2016 - 17


July 2017

Year 1b 2016-17

May 2017

Year 1 had the best time ever when we visited Blackpool as part of our 'Would you like to be beside the seaside?' topic. Our fun packed day saw us visiting Blackpool tower where we were lucky enough to watch a 4D show. Then we shot up the tower to the glass walkway. Everyone went on the walkway (Even Mr Lees, who was the most scared person up there!) and we saw some breath-taking views across the sea, Blackpool and the North-West of England. We also identified human and physical features whilst up there to help with our Geography learning. Afterwards, we had our lunch in the world famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom where they film Strictly Come Dancing. Our next stop was at the rock shop and we saw how rock was made and chopped to size. We even got to taste some sugar free rock! Finally, we visited the beach and made sandcastles and volcanoes with our new buckets and spades. We truly had the best day ever!

April 2017

Year 1 have been transported back to the beach to launch their new topic 'Would you like to be beside the seaside?'. We started off by enjoying ice lollies at the classroom beach and discussing our own Easter holidays. To round our day off, we ate by the sea and palm tables and enjoyed some freshly made fish and chips, courtesy of Joe's chippy in Platt Bridge. The children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed their day.



March 2017

As part of our History topic we have been exploring weddings from the past and present. To help us fully understand what weddings were like in the past we visited the local care home for the elderly 'Belong'. Here we took the time to talk to the elderly patrons about their own wedding experiences and to find out more about them. We were amazed to speak to a lady who was 100 years old! We learnt about how people dressed for weddings, what they ate, what music they danced to and many other traditions. We were also lucky enough to look through some old wedding photographs. This experience has helped us immensely and developed our communication skills too as we were all very confident when speaking to the elderly people. We would like to say a huge thanks to Belong and all the people who took the time to talk to us.

February 2017

E-Safety Day

As a WOW launch to E Safety day we wanted to do something memorable for the children around keeping children safe on the Internet. With the help of One Day Creative, all the children in the school got to take part in a fun creative workshop and learn all about E Safety through Drama.

Reception to Y3 took part in the “Into the Screen Workshop” The children used well-known fairy tale characters to highlight the importance of keeping safe online, they worked in groups to navigate their way out of some tricky situations. Will the 3 Little Pigs tell the Big Bad Wolf where they live? Will Red Riding Hood notice that Granny looks a bit different today? And will anyone be able to stop the Ugly Sisters from being horrible to Cinderella? Through playful and fun storytelling, pupils learnt how to keep safe when playing on the internet and realise that the world inside the screen is perhaps not so different from the real world after all.


January 2017

1B have been learning how to speak Spanish when we participated in Spanish morning. We got to try chorizo, patatas aliolli, pan con aliolli, croquetas and many other types of Spanish food. We surprised ourselves at how much we could understand when Mr Lees read the story of the 'Three Little Pigs', or Los Tres Cerditos to give it its proper Spanish name, in Spanish. We translated the story and used our own knowledge to help us work out the meaning. Mrs Owen dropped in to teach us Spanish greetings and we discovered the names of different Spanish foods too. Overall, we had a great morning and learnt lots of different Spanish phrases. We can't wait to develop our language learning skills soon. Hasta la proxima!


December 2016

Year 1 visited the streets of Bethlehem to retell the story of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. We had a great time singing as part of the choir to explore the biblical journey. Our parents were very proud of all the songs we learnt and we put on a great show.


November 2016

Year 1B have loved making jungle masks. We closely observed the work of Nick Mackmann and Andy Goldsworthy and used their ideas to inform our jungle design. We then looked around for natural items that we could use to enhance our masks, just like Andy Goldsworthy does when completing his designs. Finally we carefully selected where to place our materials so we could create awesome jungle masks.


October 2016

Liverpool Museum


1B visited Liverpool museum as part of their science learning which looks at 'Animals including humans'. We looked at different types of fish in the aquarium, explored the world of bugs and got up close and personal with tarantulas, earth worms and a scorpion. We even caught a glimpse of real dinosaur bones and mummified animals from ancient times! Everyone had a fun day and learnt lots to help with our science curriculum.


September 2016

Welcome to Class 1B!

Year 1B have been looking at answering the question 'Who is the king of the jungle?'. We have explored how animals move in PE, written about what animals look like and described the jungle too. We have even been on a visit to Tesco to find out where our food comes and to try some tasty treats. We designed and created our own jungle animal out of clay and learned new techniques to help stop their heads falling off! We have even been chased by a bear after our bear hunt and searched for the lost Gruffalo mouse and learnt how to look after pets when we met Sunny the dog.


 Class of 2015 - 16


May 2016

Eco Week

1B have been taking part in Eco week and looking at ways of becoming more eco-friendly. We have had a morning without electricity where we read by torch light and looked at the impact having no electricity can have. We then tried to create a water system to carry water without the use of electricity. Unfortunately we did not succeed in our task however learned important skills such as team work, listening to one another and collaborating.


During Eco week we have also examined the importance of staying safe near our local canals. We had an informative presentation showing us dangers such as being too close to the edge or cycling along the canal footpath too quickly. We also learnt the importance of recycling and how to recycle correctly at home using the right bin.


March 2016

Disaster struck in Year 1 when a whale became beached on the playground! Luckily we have been reading about ‘The Snail & The Whale’ where we learnt some tricks to help save a beached whale. We used buckets to throw water over the whale to keep him cool and spades to dig him out. Our chanting of “Save the whale” and “Dig him out” certainly helped to free him. The whale sailed off happy and content and Year 1 felt proud to have been able to save him.