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Maths Curriculum 

page last updated 08th May 2022


Our continuums for learning have been developed for all strands of the Mathematics curriculum to demonstrate progression in objectives.  This is the start point for planning before any supplementary planning resources (e.g. White Rose, NCETM) are accessed as each year group’s objectives is broken down into smaller manageable steps to support planning for teaching and learning. As we follow a Concrete, Pictorial, Symbolic approach to teaching Mathematics, the continuums also demonstrate appropriate concrete resources and pictorial representations that can support the teaching of abstract concepts by introducing them in a more tangible way allowing children to develop a deeper, more sustained conceptual understanding of Maths. The continuums also state key vocabulary related to the strand and agreed definitions to ensure consistency in language used across school.


Curriculum Long term Plan

Click here to review our Maths Long term Plan

Curriculum Policy

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Curriculum Skills Progression

Our continuum documents, which illustrate progression across year groups, are available on request.