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Platt Bridge Community School

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Local Academy Board of Platt Bridge Community School


 Name  Type of Representative  Date of Appointment


Date of Resignation ( if within the last 12 months)

 Mr Michael Farrell  Parent Representative /  Chair  1st May 2017  
 Mr Dave Baxter  Community Representative  1st October 2016  
 David Wood  Community Representative  15th February 2017   16th May 2018
 Mrs Makala Swales  Parent Representative  1st September 2015  
 Miss Charlotte Hindley   Teacher Governor   1st September 2017
 Mrs Sherry Higham   Support Staff Governor   1st September 2017
 Alison Eaton  Community Representative  1st January 2018  
 Mrs Yvonne Gaskell   Clerk to the Trust (internal)   1st September 2017  


Specific Responsibilities

 Name  Responsibility
 Mrs Makala Swales  Safeguarding / Child Protection / SEN Governor
 Miss Charlotte Hindley  Vulnerable Groups Governor (including Pupil Premium and LAC)
 Mr Michael Farrell  Finance Governor
 Miss Charlotte Hindley  Teaching, Learning and Outcomes Governor
 Mrs Sherry Higham   Personal Development and Behaviour Governor


Record of Attendance

 Name  12.06.18  06.03.18  21.11.17 10.10.17

 Mr Jack Pugh 

 Mrs Makala Swales X
 Mr Dave Baxter

 Mr Dave  Wood 

X             X           ✓            ✓          
 Mr Michael Farrell 
 Miss Charlotte Hindley  X
 Mrs Sherry Higham  X

 Alison Eaton



Register of Business Interest

Please click here to view the Register of Business Interest for Local Academy Board.



Name Training Date
Gill Rowlands Safeguarding Children in Education V1.1 24th February 2017
Julie Ingram SEND Conference 12th January 2017
Carole Anderton Safeguarding - Rainford High School 1st December 2016
Safer Recruitment Training 1st March 2017
Safeguarding Children in Education V1.1 14th March 2017
Makala Swales Ofsted - Rainford High School 15th October 2016
E-Safety - Guidance for Practitioners Working with Children 10th March 2017
Safer Recruitment Training 10th March 2017
Dave Baxter Aspirational Careers and Enterprise in Schools 29th March 2017
Safeguarding Everyone – Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at Risk V4 9th May 2017
Sharon Brammeier Safeguarding for Governors and Trusteess - Roles and Responsibilities  6th Nov 2017
Termly Strategic Briefings  13th March 2018
Michael Farrell New to Governance Part 1 8th March 2018
Wigan Governors Conference 2018 10th March 2018
Effective Budget Monitoring 15th May 2018
New to Governance Part 3  25th June 2018
Alison Eaton Safeguarding Children in Education V3 29th October 2018


All Directors and Local Academy Boards for both schools were invited for training with Tauheedul Education Trust.

22nd March 2016  - RAISE on line

17th May 2016 – Using Fisher Family Trust Aspire

21st June 2016 – Performance Tables - Secondary

13th September 2016 – Narrowing the Gap