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Magical Maths is back!

24 April 2018 (by admin)

This week our popular afterschool club returned to KS1 and UKS2.

Professor Poopenshtinken wanted to come again in person when he heard that there was another club running at our school. He brought lots of fun activities with him that helped us develop our mathematical skills. In KS1, the session began with a game of Number Chaos - pupils were split into two teams and given numbered bibs to wear. Each team then completed to line up with their bibs in number order and solve other number problems involving number patterns and calculations. We then played snap! Everyone loves a game of snap! We had the children in small groups and we played with our various different snap cards. We have snap cards that concentrate on shapes and colours, UK money, subtraction, multiplication and telling the time. KS1 finished their session with a game of Fizz Buzz! All the children stood in a circle and counted as high as they could. When a multiple of a chosen number came up the student had to say ‘Fizz!’ instead of the actual number. This was REALLY good fun and we continued until we had a WINNER! In KS2, Our Key Stage 2 children worked with the Professor and went through the genius training booklet. Students learned some of the Professor's techniques for multiplying any three digit number by 7, 11 and 13 really fast. This trick is not the easiest, but is super effective when pulled off well. With a bit of practice your child will be the local genius in no time! The children they enjoyed learning tricks to add upto four digit numbers quickly without using a calculator! They finished off with a game of Fizz Buzz like KS1 to practice their times tables and multiple knowledge.