Year 5B


Class of 2017 - 18


September 2017


Class of 2016 -17


May 2017

We did many things. In maths, we learnt about line graphs, interpreting data and translation which was very interesting. In science, we looked at plants (the life cycle of a plant and pollination). In topic, we have been focusing on America. We compared Yellowstone National Park and Snowdonia National Park (they are very different!) We also looked at coordinates and plotting famous landmarks on a map. As part of Eco-Week, we have been creating and designing upcycled playground games. ‘Upcycling’ means creating new products, using old products. We have made a target game from an old bed sheet. It looks amazing! We also went on a nature walk and sketched different things that we saw. In English, we have written a piece of writing about the Spiderman movie, then a piece about New York and then we wrote about the King Kong movie (Skull Island). We went on an amazing trip to Liverpool John Moores University and took part in some lessons like media and history. We all want to go to this university!



April 2017

In English, we wrote about a rollercoaster ride (Green Lantern). Also, we started to collect ideas for a Spiderman piece which was really good. In science, we learnt about water resistance. We created different shapes out of play dough and tested if the surface area affected the water resistance. We found out that the bigger the surface area of an object, the bigger the force.  In topic, we started planning our comparison writing between Snowdonia and Yellowstone Nation Park.  In maths, we learnt about area, volume, converting measure and converting grams and kilograms.



March 2017

In maths, we looked at rounding decimals, decimal problems, fractions and percentages. In topic, we looked at Ancient Greek pots and looked at how we could make our own modern day pots. After we had designed them, we made them which was really fun. In science, we looked pulleys, levers and gears. We created our own pulley and lever systems. In English, we saw a real life dinosaur! Using information that we collected, we made instructions to make your own dinosaur trap. We also did a writing piece about a dinosaur and the life of a raptor.


February 2017
In February, we have done lots of wonderful things.
In English, we wrote to persuade Mr Pugh to give us a full day of golden time. We were really excited about writing this because it we needed to show him that we are the best class! In School of Military, we have been looking at healthy eating and we even made smoothies which tasted amazing. In science, we learnt about gravity and to learn about this we completed an ‘eggs’periment. We learnt that gravity pulls us to the ground. We all really enjoyed doing this and it also tested our team work skills because we worked in pairs. Also, in science we did reversible and irreversible changes. We found out that freezing and melting ice lollies shows a reversible changes. I found out a lot of information out about the Ancient Greek Olympics in topic. Did you know they started in 776BC (2,700 years ago)?  It was very interesting, fun and fascinating to learn about the Greek Olympics. Only men were allowed to compete. Shocking! When it was e-safety week, we had a visitor in to talk to us all about keeping safe on the internet. We then made posters and entered them into a competition. Some of the amazing posters will be displayed around the whole school. That was extremely fun!

E-Safety Day

As a WOW launch to E Safety day we wanted to do something memorable for the children around keeping children safe on the Internet. With the help of One Day Creative, all the children in the school got to take part in a fun creative workshop and learn all about E Safety through Drama.

Year 4-5 explored E safety issues the same way but through a super heroes and villains theme. Some children were in charge of E- safety and had to Buzz and shout “Stop” when there was something suspicious or unsafe happening in the game. The foam numbers and letters represented the keyboard on the game and the children acted out behind these as though in the game.


January 2017

In Science we used different things to separate different materials for a shop. This included separating materials like flour and raisins, rice and paper clips, sand and water. We also did an experiment to separate salt and water. Did you know that the water evaporates and the salt is left in the bowl? Amazing! For topic, we are learning all about Ancient Greece. When doing that, we had a special visitor come in who told us all about the Ancient Greeks! In English, we wrote about our favourite hobbies which was really exciting! Lots of people chose football, Minecraft and Pokémon. Interestingly, we have started some very exciting lessons where a man comes into our class to teach us about different life skills. They are called the School of Military. Amazingly, we went outside and did shelter building on the field. They threw water on them to check how well they were built.


December 2016 

In December, we learned a lot of cool facts about snow leopards. In our English lesson we completed a piece of work containing all these interesting facts.

We also did lots of exciting things about super heroes. We used iPads to gain lots of different fact about our super heroes we selected. We chose our own super hero to design.

Near the Christmas holidays, we started to design our own calendars for 2017. It took a few days to finish them all, it was very fun and we enjoyed it. We also created our own Christmas cards for our family and friends which was also very fun. We looked at why light is important in different religions around the world for our topic. We learned that light is actually very important to us and can mean different things.


November 2016

Firstly, in math we have been learning about multiplication, grid method, compact method and times tables. We have played games and had competitions so that we can memorise them.
In English, we had a great time learning about and reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We looked at the different characters in the book and wrote a missing poster for Veruca Salt who vanished down the 'bad egg' chute.

Throughout November, we have been researching about Fairtrade and the trade links for our Fairtrade products. Last week, we specifically looked at bananas, and where and how they are grown, and then how they are transported to the United Kingdom. This was very interesting! Did you know that bananas are grown and kept in bags to ensure that they grow better?

In science, we have been learning about solubles, insolubles, transparency and conductivity. Next week, we're going to be looking at how thermal different materials are.

October 2016

Spaceport Trip


Today, Year 5 have been to Spaceport in Liverpool to learn more about the solar system. We had a great day and learnt lots of interesting facts about space.

We started our day in the interactive section of the museum and saw lots of models. They helped us see and understand how we get day and night and even how we get seasons. We loved these demonstrations and fun activities!

We then took a visit into the Space Dome where we found out lots of exciting facts about the different planets in our solar system. Did you know that Mars is very similar to planet Earth? Not long ago, scientists sent a machine up to planet Mars to investigate if there were signs of life.

After dinner, we were able to test gravity and magnetic fields in the ‘Feel the Force’ exhibit. We also saw visual tricks and explored the way light works in our hands. This included optical illusions that have to be seen to be believed! We had a great time in the ‘Gaming Zone’ where our knowledge was put to the test. Quite tricky!

Now to board the ‘Cosmic Coaster’. What a ride this was! This wild roller coaster ride took us for a virtual thrill tour through space! We even went to Neptune – VERY COLD!

As part of our Spaceport visit, we were able to see what it was like to be an astronaut. We watched a very interesting video with Tim Peake, the very first British ESA astronaut, who talked about his time in space and the different parts of the space station. Did you know that the space station is as long as 16 London buses?

Our action packed day came to an end when we all got the chance to send our very own rockets up to infinity and beyond!


September 2016

Welcome to the Year 5B community.


In our topic this year we will be focusing on communities all around the world. We have recently started a topic based on the Maasai tribe and we will be researching all about them. Our research will help us compare and understand how their community is different to ours. The children will be given the chance to make their very own Maasai masks.
In Science we will be looking at earth and space for the first term. This will include researching about different planets in our solar system including the sun, earth and moon. We are very excited for our visit to Spaceport, Liverpool where we will be finding out lots more information about the solar system.
We will also be doing gymnastics in P.E. We will be learning about different skills such as balanceing, travelling, jumping, fluency and co-ordination.


Class of 2015 - 16


May 2016

ECO Week

This week was really special because it was Eco Week! My favourite part of this week has to of been all the planting of flowers and vegetables we did: we were allowed to do everything our self, including watering, weeding and even creating our own hanging baskets. As well as this, many people came into school talking about how to be safe. First of all, there was an extremely nice lady who talked to us about all of the canals in Wigan, next there was two people who very kindly came to play a road safety game with us. We were the counters on a humongous board game and we had to answer questions and try to be the winner. Finally, another lady came into class and talked to us about how to recycle. So to sum this week into a few words - busy yet phenomenal!



May 2016

My favourite thing this term...

My favourite thing this term has been our paragraphs about The Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (by Roald Dahl). Firstly, we thought of ideas about what could be in the marvellous factory, then we organised these ideas and collected them into a writing plan. After that, we wrote the piece, edited it and evaluated our own and our classmates. Finally, we reviewed it and revised it. Personally, my favourite part was when we revised it because we wrote the paragraphs up on a netbook and made it look beautiful! I also enjoyed writing the paragraphs because we let our imagination run wild and in the end our paragraphs were absolutely phenomenal. Not only that, we didn’t have any rules on what to write and how to write them either, which made them extremely creative and unique.