Class of 2017 - 18


November 2017

This month we have been very busy in nursery. The weather has gotten much colder and so we have been exploring the changes and creating wonderful wintery art work. We have also explored colour mixing and using different textures to create fantastic pictures. We have also been practising recognising and writing our own names for self-registration. To be able to do this we have been doing lots of funky fingers exercises to strengthen our muscles in our arms and hands. Below are some pictures of our hard work from November.


This month we have also been getting ready for our Christmas performance of ‘Whoops – a – Daisy angel’. We have enjoyed trying on the different costumes and learning all the songs. We have also been very busy decorating our classroom ready for December. There is lots of fun knew exciting areas for us to explore during continuous provision. On the 30th of November ready for the 1st of December some of us went to Bickershaw Garden Centre to pick our very own tree. It will arrive on the 1st of December ready to decorate for the festive season.


October 2017

This month in nursery we have continued to have lots of fun. A farm came to visit our school and we got to see all the different animals in our playground! There was goats, a calf, piglets, ducks, chickens and rabbits. We enjoyed petting the animals and asking the farmers lots of questions. Here are some pictures of us enjoying ourselves.


At the end of the month to celebrate Halloween we had our very own Halloween party! When we came into nursery our classroom was covered with lots of spooky decorations and there was spooky music playing. We had lots of fun activities to do including bat printing, making monsters in playdoh, potion creating, fish gut and frozen hand exploring! Afterwards we played party games and danced. What a fun day!!

September 2017

During our first month in Nursery we have had lots of fun settling into our new classroom. We have enjoyed discovering what we can do in all the different areas indoors and out. We have also been learning our classroom rules and putting them into practise. We have made lots of new friends and have had so much fun getting to know our new teachers. Here are some pictures of us exploring our new class.


We have also visited our local woods this month, something we will be doing on a weekly basis with small groups of children. We explored our surroundings and all found lots of natural materials to create artwork with. This included leaves and sticks. We found lots of mini beasts and looked at their habitats. We enjoyed playing pooh sticks in the stream and looking at the dragonflies in the dipping pond. We also had snack outside at a picnic bench and jumped through all the puddles on the path through the woods. On our walk we found some fairy houses inside tree’s and they were sprinkled with fairy dust so we knew the fairies must have been close by. We are all excited to discover what we will fins on our next woodland walk.



Class of 2016 - 17


July 2017

We had fun at our Disney theme sports day.


June 2017

Nursery Graduation


May 2017

Nursery have been very busy in May learning all about things that grow. After watching and looking after our chicks we looked at different animals that hatched from eggs.

Later in the month we had a fantastic day at Smithills farm where we fed and pet the animals as well as going on a tractor and donkey ride. We also learnt all about where milk comes from and watched the cows being milked by the special milking machine.

We have also been planting and watching our beans grow and now know that plants need water, soil and light to grow.



April 2017

Last week we had a special delivery of eggs to school. The eggs stayed warm in the incubator for a day or two before hatching. The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking after the chicks, holding them and watching them grow each day.

March 2017

Following on from our Dinosaur visit we went into the woods looking for signs of dinosaurs. The day started with children being welcomed into nursery with Jurassic sound effects including dinosaur foot print. We then found a dino print in the classroom and followed them out the door into the woods.

When we got to the woods we had our snack while listening to dinosaurs facts from a pop up interactive information book. We then carried on walking through the woods and came across some dinosaur eggs in a huge nest. We carefully carried them back to school where we had lots of questions and enjoyed talking and writing about the eggs.

We also found some frogspawn and enjoyed exploring in the mud, splashing in the stream and climbing the trees.


February 2017

For World Book Day we all dressed up as explorers and went on the hunt for dinosaurs. I’m sure you’ll agree we look fantastic in our costumes… here are just a few of them!


Some of the children went on a snack walk earlier that week and had found dino footprints, as well as discovering dinosaur bones in the classroom. We couldn’t belive it when we arrived at school to find a giant Trex on the playground.


Later that day all the children got to meet two baby dinosaurs, Junior the T Rex and Trixie the Triceratops. The children had lots of questions to ask the rangers and found out about what dinosaurs ate, how big they grew, where there lived and lots more. Then we all got to have a closer look at the baby dinosaurs and stroke them. They were so cute!


January 2017

Chinese New Year

This month we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year and how different people around the world celebrate different things. We watched videos of traditions and the story of how the year's got their animal names. We ate Chinese fortune cookies and read our fortunes to the group. In PE we did Chinese Ribbon Dancing and used materials to dance around to traditional Dragon Dance Music.



Visit to the Church

During the last few weeks lots of the children have shown a particular interest in Weddings. We have used our floor book to find out information about different types of weddings. We made a Wedding Chapel area in our classroom and have dressed up and acted out many a wedding. Some children made flowers for the Wedding and staff brought in videos and photographs of their weddings.


Last week we visited the local church St Nathanial's where the Vicar, Lynne looked after us and taught us even more about church weddings. Some children even got to take part in a pretend wedding that Lynne conducted. Here comes the bride...


December 2016 

Nursery thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas party where they played lots of games, had a party tea and even went to visit Santa himself in the grotto.


Nursery have been working very hard on their Nursery Rhyme Nativity, don’t they look fantastic in their costumes.

We started December with a Christmas crafts workshop for parents and children to make decorations, cards and reindeer food together.


November 2016

Some of the children went on the bus to Bickershaw Nurseries to choose their own Christmas Trees for the class room. While there we had a festive mince pie and drink, the tree was delivered to Nursery later that day and we had a grand unveiling and sang “Oh Christmas Tree”


October 2016

Fun Day

All the children had lots of fun enjoying the 10 year anniversary celebrations. 


September 2016

Welcome to Nursery!


This half term we have been having lots of fun exploring  our new nursery environment both outside and in, using  the climbing frame playing in the mud kitchen washing the shed, making marks at our new table to name but a few.
In our key worker groups we have been learning our nursery rules and routines also practicing our listening skills and being kind to our friends.



Class of 2015-16


July 2016

Sports Day


We really enjoyed our Sports Day and want to thank all of our parents and carers for coming to support us.

Our races were based around our favourite stories.

In our 'Room on the Broom' race we had to run with a broom whilst our friends shouted  "Is there room on your broom for me?".

Our next race was Handa's Surprise where we had to pick up some fruit and vegetables and run to the finish line! It was hard to keep hold of them all!

Another one of our races was Goldilocks and the Three Bears; in this race we had to run with a bowl of porridge and our friends shouted "Don't spill the porridge!".

Our favourite race of the day was the Gruffalo! We had a real life Gruffalo that we had to chase and our friends shouted "Catch the Gruffalo!". We all managed to catch the Gruffalo and some of our parents even had a go! We had so much fun!


May 2016

Eco Week

We have planted lots of lovely flowers in nursery recently and are taking good care of them, watering them every day. Whether they need it or not.
We made our own robot armour. The children have made lots of different creations with the connecters outside and have been very imaginative with them.
Russ showed us lots of different creatures on the white board the children were very interested and able to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly as we had recently had caterpillars in class and watched them turn into butterflies.
Russ then took us outside to look for creatures we spotted lots of birds and found some tiny eggs on a leaf.


May 2016

In Nursery we enjoy writing outside. We can write outside in lots of different ways! We use chalks, pens, whiteboards, crayons and lots more ! How wonderful does my shopping list look?!

Nursery have enjoyed tackling our new climbing frame! They have thought carefully about how the can move safely on the equipment.
Nursery have had some visitors this week. We have been given a very important job of looking after some caterpillars. We have to watch them carefully and wait for them to transform into beautiful butterflies ! We are very excited!
We love to build bridges in Nursery. We work as a team to carefully build the bridge and travel across safely with our friends.